Embark on a journey through the avant-garde world of Project "Eclipse," a UI/UX design masterpiece crafted by the ingenious designer, Liam Harper. This project redefines digital experiences, blending bold design elements with user-centric functionalities.

Scope of Work

Liam Harper orchestrated a meticulous UI/UX design strategy, covering everything from initial wireframing to the seamless execution of polished design interfaces.


Commenced on June 1, 2023, "Eclipse" unfolded over an intensive five-month design period, reaching its zenith on October 31, 2023.


The brand identity of "Eclipse" reflects Liam's design finesse, establishing a visual language that resonates cohesively with the project's core philosophy.

Product Design

As the lead Product Designer, Mia Thompson translated Liam's vision into tangible interfaces, ensuring each design element contributed to a flawless user experience.


"Eclipse" faced challenges such as aligning financial compliance with user-friendly interfaces and meeting the dynamic demands of e-learning. Liam, Mia, and the team collaboratively navigated and triumphed over these challenges.


June - July 2023: Ideation and conceptualization phase. / August - September 2023: Prototyping and design iteration. / October 2023: Finalization and extensive user testing.


Mia Thompson

Gabriel Rodriguez

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