Health Tech Cosmo

Health Tech Cosmo

Healthcare, Technology

Health Tech Cosmo is a project dedicated to optimizing healthcare communication. By leveraging advanced technologies, this initiative aims to streamline patient-doctor interactions, enhance medical record management, and provide a holistic digital healthcare experience.

Scope of work

Designing a user-friendly patient portal. Implementing secure video consultation features. Developing a centralized medical record system. Integrating real-time appointment scheduling.


Commencement: April 15, 2024 Completion: October 31, 2024


Crafting a trustworthy and empathetic brand identity to instill confidence in users about the security and reliability of the HealthTechConnect platform.

Product Design

Creating an intuitive and accessible design that caters to both healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


Overcoming challenges such as adhering to healthcare data regulations, ensuring interoperability with existing systems, and maintaining a user-centric approach throughout development.


A dedicated team comprising healthcare UX specialists, software developers, security experts, and project managers collaborating to make HealthTechConnect a reality.


Alex Adams

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